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Discover unparalleled versatility and high load capacity with our comprehensive range of Low-profile Casters designed to meet the diverse demands of various applications. Whether you require sleek, low-profile designs for electronic equipment, store fixtures, laboratory equipment, or heavy-duty solutions for copiers, vending machines, and refrigerated displays, our broad selection offers the perfect caster for your unique needs.

Our Low-profile Series boasts dual ball bearing construction, offering exceptional load capacities with TPR, polyolefin dual wheel, or polyolefin single log wheel options, fulfilling load capacities ranging from 180 lbs to 300 lbs. For heavier applications, our Low Profile Medium Heavy-Duty casters provide load capacities of 700 lbs, 900 lbs, or 1000 lbs, with phenolic, glass-filled nylon, or urethane wheel materials.

Available in sizes of 2 inches or 3 inches, these casters offer threaded or unthreaded options for convenient installation. Choose between basic single wheel pneumatic casters or dual wheel casters for enhanced maneuverability. Optional features such as sure-lok brakes or thumb screw brakes ensure optimal safety and security for your valuable equipment.

Heavy-duty Caster Low-profile

Low-profile Caster Swivel

Low-profile Caster Swivel Brake

Low-profile Caster Rigid

Smooth and Secure Mobility: 2-Inch Twin Wheel Swivel Plate Casters with Brake
Smooth and Secure Mobility: 2-Inch Twin Wheel Swivel Plate Casters with Brake
rigid caster manufacturer and wholesale supplier.
Thermoplastic Rubber Dual-Wheel Swivel Caster - Bolt Hole Fitting for Furniture
Thermoplastic Rubber Twin-wheel Caster, Swivel Bolt Hole MountingĀ ,With Locking Brake
Low-Profile Dual-Wheel Caster with Threaded Stem Mount
Dual-wheel Dolly Caster, Swivel Threaded Stem Mounting Locking