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How to custom a caster wheel?


To custom a caster wheel, you need to provide the following key information:

  1. Wheel material: Specify the type of material you prefer for the wheel, such as rubber, nylon, plastic, or metal.
  2. Diameter and width: Determine the desired dimensions of the wheel, including its diameter (measured from one side to the other) and width (measured from the outer edge to the inner edge).
  3. Load capacity: Indicate the maximum weight that the caster wheel will be required to support. This information helps in selecting the appropriate materials and design to ensure sufficient strength and durability.
  4. Mounting type: Specify whether you need a swivel caster (rotates 360 degrees) or a rigid caster (moves only in straight lines). Also, indicate the mounting method, such as plate mount, stem mount, or bolt hole mount.
  5. Brake system: Decide if you require a caster wheel with a brake mechanism that allows you to lock the wheel in place when needed.
  6. Environment: Mention the operating conditions and environment where the caster wheel will be used. For instance, indoors or outdoors, smooth or rough surfaces, temperature variations, or exposure to chemicals or moisture.
  7. Quantity: Clearly state the number of caster wheels you need to be customized.

Providing these essential details will help ensure that the manufacturer can create the caster wheel that best suits your requirements. It is also recommended to consult with a professional caster wheel supplier to assist you in making the right choices for your specific needs and applications.