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Medical Cart Caster with Brake
Medical Cart Caster with Brake
Medical Cart Caster Swivel
Medical Cart Caster Swivel

5″ Medical Caster with Plate Mount ABS Cover for Hospital Cart Application

Enhance the mobility of hospital carts with our durable medical caster featuring a plate mount ABS cover. Designed specifically for hospital cart applications, this caster ensures reliable and long-lasting performance.

Key Features:

  • Specifically designed for hospital cart applications, ensuring optimal mobility in healthcare settings.
  • The plate mount ABS cover provides added protection and durability.
  • Enhances ease-of-use and maneuverability for hospital carts.
  • Provides smooth and reliable movement in demanding healthcare environments.

Choose Jiaxing Rolling Technologies Co.,Ltd as your trusted supplier for high-quality medical casters with a plate mount ABS cover. Our casters are designed to meet the specific requirements of hospital cart applications, delivering exceptional quality and performance. Experience reliable and hassle-free mobility for hospital cart applications by browsing our selection today.