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Custom Solutions: Tailor-made casters to fit your unique requirements. OEM/ODM Expertise: Transforming your caster concepts into reality. Diverse Applications: Perfect for automotive, hospitality, medical, and more. Precision & Quality: High-quality, durable casters built with precision engineering. Innovation in Technology: Cutting-edge designs and advanced caster solutions.

Stem Medical Caster
Stem Medical Caster
Medical Castor Wheels
Medical Castor Wheels

Glass-Filled Nylon Round Solid Stem Casters for Furniture and Medical Equipment

Key Features:

  • Made from robust glass-filled nylon material for long-lasting performance.
  • Precision bearings insert-molded into sealed raceway for enhanced durability.
  • Full thread guards reduce debris entanglement, increasing safety and longevity.
  • Recessed axles covered with plastic caps for added protection.
  • Perfect for furniture, hospital carts, hospital furniture, institutional equipment, IV stands, laboratory equipment, medical carts, medical equipment, mobile computer stands, utility carts, and more.

Choose Jiaxing Rolling Technologies Co.,Ltd as your trusted supplier for premium glass-filled nylon round solid stem casters. Our caster solutions are specifically designed for furniture and medical applications, providing exceptional performance and reliability. Experience seamless mobility and browse our wide selection today.