Rigid (Fixed) Heavy-duty Caster with Polyurethane Polyolefin Wheels

This caster is specifically designed to provide exceptional strength and stability, making it an excellent choice for demanding applications where immobility is desired.

The caster bracket is constructed using high-quality welded steel that is zinc-plated and blue-passivated. This ensures durability while offering excellent resistance against corrosion. We are committed to environmental sustainability and have used Cr6-free materials in the manufacturing process.

Equipped with double ball bearings in the swivel head, this caster provides smooth and effortless maneuverability, allowing you to easily transport heavy loads with confidence. The heavy-duty design of the caster guarantees reliable performance, capable of supporting an impressive loading range of 250kg to 400kg per wheel. The top plate fitting allows for convenient installation, ensuring a secure attachment to your equipment.

The wheel tread is crafted from robust rubber material, providing exceptional traction while minimizing noise and vibrations during movement. The wheel core, made of sturdy cast iron, adds further strength and stability, ensuring long-lasting performance and dependability. Additionally, both sides of the wheel are equipped with metal dust covers, effectively protecting the wheel’s internal components from debris and prolonging its lifespan. At the center of the wheel, a roller bearing enhances rotation, reducing friction and improving overall efficiency.

Choose from our range of wheel diameters, ranging from 100mm to 200mm, to find the perfect fit for your specific needs. Whether you require immobility for heavy machinery or want to ensure stability during material handling operations, our Rigid (Fixed) Heavy-duty Caster with Polyurethane Polyolefin Wheels is the ideal solution.

Rigid (Fixed) Heavy-duty Caster with Polyurethane Polyolefin Wheels

Variants & Options

Heavy-duty Caster with Polyurethane Polyolefin Wheels and Side Brake
Heavy-duty Caster with PU Polyolefin Wheels and Total Locking Brake
Plate Caster with PU Polyolefin Wheels Loading Range 300-400kg Each
Caster wheel heavy duty
Heavy-duty caster wheel