Heavy-duty Rigid (Fixed) Caster with Polyurethane Steel Wheel

When it comes to transporting heavy loads, our Heavy-duty Rigid (Fixed) Caster with Polyurethane Steel Wheel is the ideal choice. Built to withstand rigorous industrial environments, this caster offers exceptional strength, durability, and reliable performance.

The caster bracket is expertly crafted using welded steel, ensuring maximum stability and long-lasting use. To protect against corrosion, the bracket is zinc-plated and blue-passivated. Additionally, it is Cr6-free, making it an environmentally conscious choice without compromising on its robustness.

Featuring a fixed head design, this caster offers dependable support and stability when used in conjunction with other casters for optimal load distribution. With its heavy-duty design, it can handle a remarkable maximum load capacity of up to 650kg per caster, making it suitable for the most demanding material handling tasks. The top plated fitting further reinforces its solidity and overall reliability.

Equipped with a total brake locking mechanism, this caster guarantees safety and security during transportation. Activating the brake locks the wheel firmly in place, preventing any unintended movements or unwarranted rolling.

The wheel is crafted from high-quality Polyurethane (PU), ensuring outstanding durability and resilience for long-term use even in challenging applications. The wheel core, made of cast iron, enhances weight distribution and maintains structural integrity. Thanks to the roller bearing integrated into the wheel, it enables smooth and effortless rolling motion, facilitating efficient material handling.

Plate Caster with PU on Steel Rim Loading Range 300-400kg Each

Variants & Options

Plate Caster with PU on Steel Rim Loading Range 300-400kg Each
Heavy -duty caster
Heavy-duty caster wheel
Plate Caster with TP Rubber Wheel Loading Range 300-400kg Each
Plate Caster with PU Polyolefin Wheels Loading Range 300-400kg Each