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Transparent Cristal Wheels Caster Swivel and Brake, Threaded Stem Mount.

Our Transparent Cristal Wheels Caster is a versatile and stylish solution for your mobility needs. With its transparent design and premium quality materials, these casters offer both functionality and aesthetic appeal. The swivel and brake feature provides effortless maneuverability and added control when needed. Designed with a threaded stem mount, installation becomes quick and secure, making these casters ideal for various applications.

Specification & Prices

Model Numbercaster wheel diameterCaster OverhightThreaded Stem SizeLoading CapacityCaster Type
RT006A035PUT35mm51mmM10X2024mm25kgSwivel Caster
RT006A050PUT50mm65mmM10X2020mm35kgSwivel Caster
RT006A075PUT75mm97mmM10X2024mm50kgSwivel Caster
RT006A035PUBT35mm51mmM10X2024mm25kgBrake Caster
RT006A050PUBT50mm65mmM10X2020mm35kgBrake Caster
RT006A075PUBT75mm97mmM10X2024mm50kgBrake Caster
Wholesale Prices– Minimum order amount: $1000 USD
– Recalculation of unit price for orders below $1000 USD
Payment Terms– Orders over $5000 USD: 30% T/T in advance, 70% before shipping
– Orders under $5000 USD: Full payment required upfront
Product Packaging– Individual packaging: Nylon bag + cardboard box
– Palletization for orders with volume > 1 cubic meter
Delivery Time– Standard products: Approximately 15 days
– Customized products: To be determined in consultation with sales personnel
HS Code8716900000

Our Transparent Cristal Wheels Caster Swivel and Brake, Threaded Stem Mount is a versatile and visually appealing mobility solution. The transparent design, combined with swivel and brake capabilities, allows for effortless movement and added control. The threaded stem mount ensures easy installation and a secure connection to your equipment or furniture. With their premium quality materials, these casters guarantee durability and long-lasting performance. Invest in our Transparent Cristal Wheels Casters today and experience enhanced functionality and elegance in your various applications.