China Caster wheel supplier

Custom Solutions: Tailor-made casters to fit your unique requirements. OEM/ODM Expertise: Transforming your caster concepts into reality. Diverse Applications: Perfect for automotive, hospitality, medical, and more. Precision & Quality: High-quality, durable casters built with precision engineering. Innovation in Technology: Cutting-edge designs and advanced caster solutions.

Swivel Plate Casters with Polyurethane Wheels for Light-Duty Mobility


  • Furniture: Upgrade the mobility of your furniture, making it easy to rearrange or clean your living or office space.
  • Carts and Dollies: Improve the maneuverability of carts and dollies, enhancing productivity in warehouses, workshops, and industrial settings.
  • DIY Projects: Ideal for various DIY projects, these casters provide the mobility needed for customized solutions.

Specification & Prices: