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Swivel Plate Caster with PP Wheel Light-duty
Swivel Plate Caster
Swivel Plate Caster with PP Wheel Light-duty
Swivel Plate Caster with Brake
Swivel Plate Caster with PP Wheel Light-duty
Rigid Caster

Swivel Plate Caster with PP Wheel Light-duty

Key Features

  • PP Wheel Construction: Our caster boasts a Polypropylene wheel that ensures smooth and steady movement, ideal for light-duty tasks.
  • Swivel Plate Design: Enjoy seamless 360-degree rotation, facilitating effortless maneuvering in confined spaces and tight corners.
  • Light-duty Reliability: Crafted to endure light-duty loads, this caster guarantees durability and consistent performance.
  • Effortless Installation: Designed for easy and quick installation, ensuring minimal downtime when integrating with your equipment.


  • Furniture Enhancement: Upgrade the mobility of furniture pieces for easy rearrangement or maintenance within residential or office spaces.
  • Utility Carts and Dollies: Improve the maneuverability of carts and dollies, enhancing productivity in warehouses, workshops, and industrial environments.
  • Custom Projects: Perfect for various DIY projects requiring reliable mobility solutions.

Specification & Prices

Item no.caster wheel diameterCaster OverhightLoading Capacitycaster plateCaster Type
WL001-P50mm20mm65mm40kg18mm60*48mm46*35mmSwivel Caster
WL002-P65mm23mm82mm60kg23mm70*58mm55*42mmSwivel Caster
WL003-P75mm28mm93mm70kg33mm70*58mm55*42mmSwivel Caster
WL001-PB50mm20mm65mm40kg18mm60*48mm46*35mmBrake Caster
WL002-PB65mm23mm82mm60kg23mm70*58mm55*42mmBrake  Caster
WL003-PB75mm28mm93mm70kg33mm70*58mm55*42mmBrake Caster
WL001-PR50mm20mm65mm40kg060*48mm46*35mmRigid Caster
WL002-PR65mm23mm82mm60kg070*58mm55*42mmRigid  Caster
WL003-PR75mm28mm93mm70kg070*58mm55*42mmRigid  Caster
Wholesale Prices– Minimum order amount: $1000 USD
– Recalculation of unit price for orders below $1000 USD
Payment Terms– Orders over $5000 USD: 30% T/T in advance, 70% before shipping
– Orders under $5000 USD: Full payment required upfront
Product Packaging– Individual packaging: Nylon bag + cardboard box
– Palletization for orders with volume > 1 cubic meter
Delivery Time– Standard products: Approximately 15 days
– Customized products: To be determined in consultation with sales personnel
HS Code8716900000

Upgrade your equipment with our Swivel Plate Caster featuring a PP Wheel for Light-duty tasks. Experience durability, ease of movement, and effortless installation. Elevate your mobility solutions today!