Premium Aluminum Wheel Furniture Caster and Top Plate Fitting

Experience enhanced mobility and durability with our high-quality caster. The caster bracket is constructed from robust pressed steel, with a blue-passivated finish that is Cr6-free for added environmental sustainability. Equipped with double ball bearings in the swivel head, it ensures smooth and effortless movement.

Designed for versatility, this caster features a top plate fitting that makes it compatible with various furniture types.

The standout feature of this caster lies in its aluminum wheel, offering lightweight performance without compromising strength. The wheel is equipped with rubber belts that provide excellent traction while minimizing noise during use. Supported by nylon plain bearings, it ensures smooth and quiet rolling on different surfaces.

Premium Aluminum Wheel Furniture Caster: Double Ball Bearing, Top Plate Fitting, Cr6-Free Finish

Variants & Options

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