Lockable Low-Profile Dual-Wheel Caster Bolt Hole

Product Features:

  • Construction: Made of pressed steel, zinc-plated, and blue-passivated for durability.
  • Environmental Safety: It is Cr6-free, promoting an eco-friendly choice.
  • Swivel Head: Equipped with double ball bearings for smooth movement.
  • Mounting: Designed with a bolt hole (screw hole) mount for easy installation.
  • Lockable: Featuring a lockable design for added stability and security.
  • Low-Profile Design: The Caster House has a low-profile and dual-wheel configuration, ideal for space-restricted areas.

Wheel Specifications:

  • Wheel Tread: The wheel tread is made of Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR), ensuring excellent traction.
  • Wheel Hub: Constructed with polyolefin material, providing durability and strength.
  • Wheel Center: Features plain bores for compatibility with various mounting configurations.
Thermoplastic Rubber Twin-wheel Caster, Swivel Bolt Hole Mounting ,With Locking Brake

Variants & Options

Low Profile Caster with Dual-Wheel Design, Threaded Stem Mount, and Locking Brake
Low-Profile Dual-Wheel Caster with Threaded Stem Mount
Durable, Compact Dual-Wheel Caster with Low-Profile Design, Easy Installation, Reliable Traction
Low-Profile Twin-Wheel Caster Bracket with Thermoplastic Rubber Wheel - Top Plate Fitting
Low-Profile Zinc-Plated Steel Caster - Double Ball Bearing Swivel Head & Thermoplastic Rubber Wheel