Crystal Clear Furniture Caster Wheel: Smooth Movement, Top Plate Fitting

Experience the perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics with our high-quality caster wheel designed for furniture. The bracket is constructed from durable pressed steel with a polished chrome finish, ensuring both durability and a sleek look. Equipped with double ball bearings in the swivel head, it enables smooth and effortless movement.

Designed to fit a variety of furniture types, this caster wheel features a top plate fitting, providing versatility and ease of installation. Built for light-duty use, it offers reliable performance without compromising on durability.

The tread of the wheel is made of transparent crystal clear material, adding an elegant touch while providing excellent traction and minimizing noise during movement. The wheel core, composed of PC (polycarbonate), strikes the perfect balance between lightweight design and exceptional strength. With plain bearing functionality, it guarantees effortless installation and smooth rolling across different surfaces.

Crystal Clear Furniture Caster Wheel: Smooth Movement, Top Plate Fitting

Variants & Options

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Wholesale Light-Duty Caster Wheels: Smooth Maneuverability, Lockable Type, Crystal Tread - High-Quality"
Premium Light-Duty Caster Bracket with Transparent Crystal Wheel
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