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Custom Solutions: Tailor-made casters to fit your unique requirements. OEM/ODM Expertise: Transforming your caster concepts into reality. Diverse Applications: Perfect for automotive, hospitality, medical, and more. Precision & Quality: High-quality, durable casters built with precision engineering. Innovation in Technology: Cutting-edge designs and advanced caster solutions.

Expanding Adapter Stem Casters


Expanding Adapter Stem Casters

Expanding Adapter Stem Casters are versatile and practical mobility solutions for furniture and equipment. Designed with convenience in mind, these casters feature an adjustable stem that expands to fit a variety of leg sizes, providing a secure and stable attachment. Whether you’re looking to enhance the mobility of chairs, tables, or other furnishings, these casters offer ease of movement and durability. With a focus on adaptability, they are suitable for different applications and environments, making them an ideal choice for both residential and commercial settings. Upgrade your furniture’s mobility with Expanding Adapter Stem Casters for a seamless and efficient moving experience.


Item CodeLoading CapacityCaster Stem SizeCaster Type
E-75-S1-1/4″3″4 Inch210lbs1-1/2″Swivel
E-100-S1-1/4″4″5 Inch250lbs1-1/2″Swivel
E-125-S1-1/4″5″6 Inch350lbs1-1/2″Swivel
E-75-SL1-1/4″3″4 Inch210lbs1-1/2″Swivel Brake
E-100-SL1-1/4″4″5 Inch250lbs1-1/2″Swivel Brake
E-125-SL1-1/4″5″6 Inch350lbs1-1/2″Swivel Brake
Wholesale Prices– Minimum order amount: $1000 USD – Recalculation of unit price for orders below $1000 USD
Payment Terms– Orders over $5000 USD: 30% T/T in advance, 70% before shipping – Orders under $5000 USD: Full payment required upfront.
Product Packaging– Individual packaging: Nylon bag + cardboard box – Palletization for orders with volume > 1 cubic meter
Delivery Time– Standard products: Approximately 15 days – Customized products: To be determined in consultation with sales personnel
HS Code8716900000