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Expanding Stem Casters

Easy installation: Expanding stem casters are easy to install and do not require any special tools or equipment. Versatility: Expanding stem casters can fit into a variety of equipment and furniture with different stem sizes. Stability: Expanding stem casters provide stability and support to the equipment or furniture they are attached to, making it easier to move them around. Maneuverability: Expanding stem casters allow for easy maneuverability and smooth movement of equipment or furniture, even on uneven surfaces. Cost-effective: Expanding stem casters are generally less expensive than other types of casters, making them a cost-effective option for many applications. Overall, expanding stem casters are a versatile and affordable option that can provide stability, maneuverability, and ease of installation for a wide range of equipment and furniture.

5-Inch Expandable Stem Casters


Item CodeWheel WidthWheel DiameterWheel MaterialInstallation HeightLoading CapacityStem DiameterCaster Type
E-75-S1-1/4″3″Polyurethane4 Inch210lbs1-1/2″Swivel
E-100-S1-1/4″4″Polyurethane5 Inch250lbs1-1/2″Swivel
E-125-S1-1/4″5″Polyurethane6 Inch350lbs1-1/2″Swivel
E-75-SL1-1/4″3″Polyurethane4 Inch210lbs1-1/2″Swivel Brake
E-100-SL1-1/4″4″Polyurethane5 Inch250lbs1-1/2″Swivel Brake
E-125-SL1-1/4″5″Polyurethane6 Inch350lbs1-1/2″Swivel Brake

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